Yesterday’s Technology Can’t Meet Today’s Challenges

Imagine a world where you didn't care where your data ended up. Where you didn't care what network or device people accessed data from. Where this could happen seamlessly from both inside and outside of a company. Where data can travel anywhere it needs to without being vulnerable. Where data is virtually immune to the consequences of data leakage and compromise. Where data is freed from the limitations of antiquated mindsets. This is the world that IONU’s Business solutions create.

What is needed is a technology platform that was specifically designed to address today’s endpoint and data protection challenges.


File-level Encryption

Data Isolation

Endpoint Protection

Data Control

Attack Proof Data

Complete Integrated Solutions

An increasing number of devices want to access your data. We make every device that connects to your network a secure endpoint. Unless these endpoints are properly protected, they are an ever-increasing source of data loss vulnerability.


XP or newer

Mac OSX 10.9 or newer

iOS 7.0 or newer

4.0 or newer

Our protection goes far beyond virus and malware detection. Our strategy is to “lock down” your endpoints and keep your sensitive data from getting out. Even if it did, it would be worthless to the perpetrator.

Looking for an enterprise level security solution?

We have developed a completely different approach to solving the endpoint protection problem that is virtually immune to zero day attacks, man-in-the-middle, key loggers and other methods commonly employed by hackers to get at your sensitive corporate data.

If you are interested seeing how to make your data “attack proof”, please let us know and we will set up a demo today.  
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