Enterprises are experiencing significant financial loss and reputation damage due to data leakage. 

40% of all data loss occurs through data that is distributed across partner networks and supply chains. Billions of dollars are being spent on solutions that are proving to be inadequate. Why? Because, until recently, these were the best options available.

That’s why IONU created the first and only security platform that delivers Data-centric Security.

File-level Protection

Device-level Protection

Data Isolation

Data Private Networks

Oversight and Control

Allowing Data to flow Freely and securely – anywhere!

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Data needs to move freely and securely throughout the business ecosystem, while also being protected anywhere. Given this, IONU is taking data protection beyond the limitations of the traditional perimeter and threat-centric approaches. We are convinced that a mindset focused solely on stopping, identifying or monitoring attacks does not address the real issue, which is managing and protecting distributed data. All current analysis and forecasts validate that attacks are on the rise. Additionally, the exponential use of mobile devices, cloud services and the dynamic nature of today’s business ecosystems are driving the prevalence of distributed data. The only way to secure distributed data is by embracing data-centric security.

We look forward to helping you learn how to become data-centric.  

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