Why Data-centric IoT Platform?

Data integrity is the essence of IoT. Decisions and strategies are driven by analysis of data. 

One of the key obstacles for IoT is enhanced data security and integrity. Over 70% of IT professionals consider it likely that a company will be hacked through a connected device.. Yet, IoT security and data integrity is based upon technology that has been shown to be inadequate. Why?

Because, until recently, these were the best options available. That’s why IONU created the first and only IoT platform focused specifically on providing Data-centric integrity and data security. The fundamental elements of the IONU data-centric IoT platform are automatic edge driven on boarding, data distribution, integrity and protection, data Isolation, data private networks and data oversight and control.

Data-centric IoT Platform

IONU's Data-centric IoT Platform ensures data integrity and allows you to protect your data throughout the entire ecosystem without impacting end user behavior.

Edge Driven On Boarding

Data Distribution, Integrity and Protection

Data Isolation

Data Private Networks

Oversight and Control

This unique combination of data-centric technologies paves the way for a trusted IoT environment. This environment allows analysis and decisions to be determined throughout the entire ecosystem because of a high degree of data integrity. 


Edge Driven On Boarding

Without secure on boarding all future data integrity may be compromised

At the core of an IoT solution is confidence in the identity of endpoints. A key element of data integrity is complete confidence of the source. Many solutions today obtain edge identities from the cloud. This methodology has a plethora of operational and security problems. Combining unique edge information and industry standard encryption technologies guarantees the authenticity of the edge device. This is a critical first step in the development of a data-centric IoT platform.


Data Distribution, Integrity and Protection

Data is the essence of an IoT platform.

Upon creation or analysis data must be automatically distributed to the intended recipients. Data distribution is initiated by the application on the edge device. Inherent and transparent to the user is integrity and protection of the data throughout the entire ecosystem. Only intended recipients can validate the integrity of the data. Only intended recipients are able to read the protected data. Intermediate points do not have the permissions to interrogate or read the data. In a distributed compute environment data is distributed to endpoints configured to perform data analytics.


Data Isolation

IoT is more than things. IoT includes the distribution of analyzed data in a traditional IT environment

IONU’s Dynamic Data Isolation technology represents another essential element of providing a data-centric IoT solution. Data isolation creates logically separate and secure “zones” where the data inside them is under your control and insulated from the outside world. These zones also protect your data from malware that penetrates your firewall. Any communication or file sharing occurring within a zone is always encrypted. Anything that leaves one of these zones is always encrypted.

IONU's data isolation and encryption architecture is designed to ensure that you cannot be compromised even if a sophisticated malware attack; malicious insider or careless user mistake has compromised the corporate defenses or user ecosystem. IONU uses a combination of proprietary technologies that ensures only registered and authenticated users can securely access and edit files across the entire business ecosystem. 


Data Private Networks

IoT data must flow freely across the entire ecosystem. Transparent to the user must be inherent integrity and data protection

Another key element of IONU's data-centric IoT solution is connecting dynamic sets of users that can communicate and share data. IONU’s Data Private Networks (DPNs) allow your IoT data to flow freely, securely and with inherent integrity anywhere the data needs to travel, reside, be accessed or monitored. DPN’s can be setup to support any company, organizational or partner ecosystems regardless of the corporate domains they need to exist within.

This data-centric approach to IoT in today’s borderless enterprise provides access control, authentication, data-centric data security, inherent integrity and policy management. The ability to have users both within and outside of a company’s domain (beyond traditional perimeter security, transmission protection and outside of authentication management) is a fundamental requirement when supporting the multi-vendor IoT business flows and supply-chain requirements that define the nature of business today. 


Oversight and Control

Allowing IoT data to flow freely and securely is having complete control over how and where that occurs.

Governing access and control to data is essential to a Data-centric IoT Platform. IONU’s Topology Management capabilities allow administrators to easily manage users and devices, monitor and log user and device activity and implement and administer policies across the Data Private Network. The platform enables management of users that reside outside of your company domain.

IONU’s Topology Management administration capabilities allow organizations to easily manage users and devices, monitor and log user activity and implement and administer policies within the network. Additional administration capabilities include group data sharing permissions, user device enablement and disablement and device and account deletion.


Interested in learning more about Data-centric IoT?

Data needs to move freely and securely throughout the IoT ecosystem, while ensuring integrity and in some cases protection. Given this, IONU is taking data-centric integrity and protection beyond the limitations of the traditional data transmission and user authentication solutions. We are convinced that a mindset focused on transmission, authentication and stopping, identifying or monitoring attacks does not address the real issue, which is managing, ensuring integrity and protecting distributed data. All current analysis and forecasts validate that attacks are on the rise. Additionally, the exponential deployment of things, use of mobile devices and cloud services are driving the prevalence of distributed data. The only way to manage distributed data is by embracing data-centric integrity and security.

We look forward to helping you learn how to become data-centric. 

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