IONU Advantages

The mission and approach of IONU was born when our founders, while working on solutions for high-security applications, recognized a need for much stronger cloud security than that available to most people and organizations. This realization led to the research that was the genesis of IONU and the basis of our product. Since then, the market's demand for revolutionary Data-centric security solutions has been our true passion and sole focus.

IONU’s Data-centric Security platform allows data to be secured no matter where it originates, travels or resides.

IONU’s Data-centric Security platform protects data on any device, any file type, over any network, with anyone from any place at any time. Also, the platform was designed from “day one” to support the need for distributed, data centric security. We didn’t try to bolt-on legacy security to a document management framework or Digital Rights Management (DRM) mindset or pivot from a social media play.

IONU protected data is virtually immune to data leakage and compromise.

With IONU, critical information is protected anywhere it originates, resides or travels. IONU’s patented security measures ensure that even if your data is compromised by a sophisticated malware attack, a malicious insider attack or data is distributed beyond your control through careless user action, it will be valueless to anyone outside of these measures.

Users don’t need to interact with the encryption or encryption keys – at all!

Encryption has a stigma associated with it. Security and encryption solutions have historically been too complex to implement across the enterprise. Traditionally, users have had to create, manage and share keys. Users never have to do this with IONU. The advantage to our approach is that all key management happens behind the scenes and is transparent to the average user. We call this Transparent Encryption™. 

With IONU, you don’t need to worry about the types of devices that are accessing or storing your data.

IONU provides a consistent set of data protection measures across all leading device platforms and operating systems. IONU protects data regardless of what device people use or who owns the device - company provided or BYOD. We also make it easy for to manage all devices – not just mobile devices like MDM tools. We allow you to manage all the devices that users are accessing your data from regardless of where this occurs. 

IONU’s Data-centric Security platform and “free entry” business model enables business flow-driven company adoption.

IONU’s Client (device) data security products are offered free of charge. These solutions provide fully functional data protection for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. The fact that they’re available at no charge allows companies that want to extend IONU’s data protection across their entire business ecosystem to do so without asking their partners to purchase software.

Companies of any size seeking to secure their data can utilize IONU’s solutions.

IONU’s solutions are easy-to-use and deploy. Whether you’re a 5 person medical practice or a Fortune 500 Company we have a solution for you. Although the level of data protection provided is the same, the ability to easily deploy the solutions without IT expertise makes it a perfect solution for SME’s. Additionally, our administration capabilities allow large enterprises to have the control and oversight they need to do larger, full-scale deployments. 

Flexible and Secure SaaS deployment.

IONU’s secure SaaS infrastructure makes deployment easy. All people need to do is download an app and they’re ready to go. IONU’s administration capabilities are also SaaS-based via a secure web portal that can be accessed from any web bowser. In addition, IONU can support on premise deployments.

“Secure by Design” workflow support allows users to leverage the benefits of data-centric security without changes to their behavior.

IONU supports all endpoints, mobile devices, media, data aggregation points. This allows people to access and store data from the devices and storage resources they are accustomed to using. IONU’s Secure by Design workflow support allows people to use the native applications they are used to (Office, PowerPoint, Word) without the need for plug-ins, the use of proxies or gateways and without changes in user behavior. They just work like they always have and IONU protects the data.

IONU’s Secure Cloud enables file sharing and platform agnostic file synchronization without the need for 3rd-party cloud services.

With IONU you can protect your data in any cloud! Many security specialist and IT managers remain adverse to the cloud due to the security risks associated with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive. Although we make them secure, we also offer our own secure cloud storage options and eliminate the need for 3rd party cloud services – others don’t.

No “back door” provides the ultimate level of data protection.

Based on the way we have developed our technology and created our approach, no capability exists for IONU or anyone else to access any of your data without you taking explicit action to allow it. IONU does not have access to user keys or a company’s protected information and there is no “back-door” into the system. This means no other individual, company or even the Government can see any of your IONU protected data unless you specifically grant them permission to access it.

Interesting in learning more about Data-centric Security?

Data needs to move freely and securely throughout the business ecosystem, while also being protected anywhere. Given this, IONU is taking data protection beyond the limitations of the traditional perimeter and threat-centric approaches. We are convinced that a mindset focused solely on stopping, identifying or monitoring attacks does not address the real issue, which is managing and protecting distributed data. All current analysis and forecasts validate that attacks are on the rise. Additionally, the exponential use of mobile devices, cloud services and the dynamic nature of today’s business ecosystems are driving the prevalence of distributed data. The only way to secure distributed data is by embracing data-centric security.

We look forward to helping you learn how to become data-centric.
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