Our Company

IONU is headquartered in Campbell California, safely on the fringe of Silicon Valley. IONU’s development center is located in Longmont Colorado, safely on the fringe of Boulder. IONU was founded to enable “Digital Privacy for Everyone” and to allow people to “Become Invisible”.

IONU was founded by a group of industry veterans who have worked together for over 25 years. They have successfully launched several start-ups and held executive positions at publicly traded companies. The IONU team is made up of great people with a combination of security, hardware design, software development, web, IT and Cloud computing expertise.

This is a great group of people with a wealth of knowledge and experience in product and application development. We are all here to do amazing things. Especially things that people say can’t be done. Bring it on!

We are all proud of having created a great place to work and working together to do amazing things. We are all driven by being continually challenged and bring our best to everything we do, both at work and at play.

If you are ready to do amazing things with us and you can sign-up for our company values, let us know. We are hiring and we will tell you right now, we are very selective.

Our Company Mission

“To enable people to communicate and share information “invisibly”, providing unmatched levels of convenience,
privacy and data protection (security).”

To fulfill this, the IONU the team is focused on delivering the first suite of Digital Privacy applications developed specifically for the individual consumer.

In contrast to existing solutions that were developed to be provided and administered by a company to its employees, like Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, firewalls and end-point solutions, IONU has developed its applications from the “get go” to be used by individuals.

IONU is developing Digital Privacy solutions for everyone. These applications are easily downloadable; allow people to access their files from any of their devices and lets them communicate and share information “invisibly”, experiencing levels of privacy, convenience and security beyond anything available today – even to large corporate enterprises.




Our Values
We live by a simple set of company values:

• Work Hard
• Don’t Suck
• Take Risks
• Do What it Takes
• No Bullshit
• Don’t be an Ass!

They wouldn’t work for everyone but they work for us. We are a unique bunch!

North American Locations:

IONU Corporate Headquarters
2105 South Bascom Ave Suite 310
Campbell, CA 95008
Main: (970) 515-2826

IONU Billing and Operations
5645 Gibraltar Dr.
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Main: (970) 515-2826

IONU Colorado Development Center
1500 Kansas Ave, Suite 3D
Longmont, CO 80501
Main: (970) 515-2826