What is our Purpose?

Ensuring the integrity and protection of data throughout the entire IoT ecosystem. Where the data goes. The recipients. The history. Inherent integrity. Protected in transit and at rest. Back-up. The entire process transparent to the user community and easily implemented by the developers. 

IoT is projected to be the next big wave. There are all sorts of things, clouds, fogs, gateways, new networking technologies and security technologies. There are Companies developing all sorts of technologies. However, IoT is not about all of these technologies. IoT is about data. It is the value gained from analyzing and making decision from the data. The value of the entire system is based on the integrity of the data. If the data is compromised the decisions are compromised and in some cases catastrophic. 

IONU is a data-centric company. We enable a holistic view of data integrity and protection. This starts from the initial deployment through end of life. It encompasses all endpoints in the system. It encompasses all users. Without a system wide view data integrity and the value of IoT is compromised.

Imagine this…

Imagine an IoT world where data was automatically distributed to the intended recipients. Where you didn't care what network or devices people accessed your data from. Where this could happen seamlessly across devices and between people both inside and outside of your company.

Where data can travel anywhere it needs to go without being compromised or vulnerable to attack while being virtually immune to the consequences of data leakage.

This is the world that IONU is creating.


To enable the distribution and analysis of IoT data with inherent data integrity and protection without changes to user behavior - no matter where the data originates, travels or resides.

Leadership Team

Clay Johnson - CEO

Dave Bennett - CTO

Lou Ryan - Lead Board Member




Rick Orloff - Advisor
eBay Market Place CISO

Ken Baylor, Ph.D. MBA - Advisor
Pivotal Software CSO

Mark Tonnesen - Advisor
Neustar CIO, CSO & VP of Operations