What is IONU's Purpose?

Freeing data from the limitations of perimeter and threat-centric security, allowing it to flow freely and securely, while being safe from compromise – anywhere! 

Sometimes, you need to step away from the way things have always been and ask yourself, why? Why are things the way they are? You need to step beyond the thinking that formulated the status quo in order to create the new order. The past can inform the future but the mindsets that created it rarely do. Yesterday’s thinking will never create true innovation. At some point, evolutionary steps need to give way to revolutionary thinking and fundamental change. For some this is scary. For some it is exciting.

Here at IONU, we are excited about driving a fundamental change in the way that data is protected. Our Data-centric Security Platform allows data to flow freely and securely, anywhere it needs to travel or reside, without the need for plug-ins, the use of proxies or gateways or requiring changes in user behavior.


Imagine this…

Imagine a world where you didn't care where your data ended up? Where you didn't care what network or devices people accessed your data from. Where this could happen seamlessly between people both inside and outside of your company.

Where data can travel anywhere it needs to go without being vulnerable to attack while being virtually immune to the consequences of data leakage and compromise.

This is the world that IONU is creating.



To fundamentally change data protection, allowing data to flow freely and securely without changes to user behavior - no matter where it originates, travels or resides.

Leadership Team

Clay Johnson - CEO

Dave Bennett - CTO

Kenn Perry - COO

Lou Ryan - Lead Board Member





Rick Orloff - Advisor
eBay Market Place CISO

Ken Baylor, Ph.D. MBA - Advisor
Pivotal Software CSO

Mark Tonnesen - Advisor
Neustar CIO, CSO & VP of Operations

Thomas Bennett - Advisor
Cybersecurity CEO & Entrepreneur